TN Sustainable Energy
Energy Efficiency

What Does 1% Annual Energy Efficiency Savings Mean?
This fact sheet explains what an annual 1% energy efficiency target is.  Follow this link.

TVA EE 1% Annual Potential
TVA’s own analysis (see study) shows that setting a 1% annual energy efficiency target will generate a 4,000 MW savings in energy by 2030. The TN Climate Action Campaign will urge TVA to ramp up its Energy Efficiency / Demand Response program to at least a 1% annual target. Through these additional energy savings, more TVA coal plants can be shutdown.   

Sierra Study of TVA EE Potential to Close Coal Plants
The Beyond Coal Campaign commissioned consultants to look at the uneconomic TVA coal plants and the power of energy efficiency to shut them down.  (TVA Coal in Crisis fact sheet.)

A 1% Annual Energy Efficiency Target
Read TVA Annual 1% Energy Efficiency Target to learn what is meant by a 1% annual EE target and how other utilities are moving ahead with using energy efficiency as an energy resources.
Renewable Energy

It’s time for the TVA to choose clean energy!

Wind and solar power are clean: no climate disrupting carbon pollution or toxic air and water pollution making us sick, no need for large amounts of water for cooling dirty and dangerous coal and nuclear plants, no reason to blow up Tennessee’s scenic mountains to get fuel, and no more risk of coal ash and nuclear waste leaking into the air we breathe or the water we drink. 

Wind and solar power are affordable and reliable: the cost of wind and solar power is dropping fast, and more wind and solar was built last year in the United States than any other form of electricity generation.  States like Iowa are now getting more than 20% of their power from the wind and sun, it’s time for Tennessee to get on track to do the same. 


TVA’s current renewable energy plans are limited.

In the first two months of 2013 more than half of TVA’s Green Power Provider Program for the entire year was filled up.  TVA needs their board members to authorize purchasing more than the 2,000 MW of renewable energy they’ve purchased since 2009. 

Ask your electric company and the TVA board to:

  • Set a goal of 20% of TVA’s energy from wind and solar by 2020

  • Eliminate or significantly increase the current caps in the solar incentive Green Power Providers program and the renewable standard offer program, and ensure that incentive levels match the true value of wind and solar

  • Start the process of buying at least another 2000 MW of renewable energy by 2015