The Plan
In partnership with the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign, The Healthy Energy Campaign mobilizes activists ready to move TVA and its distributors to implement an energy efficiency program at a large enough scale to close down TVA's oldest, dirtiest, and most costly coal plants.

    Our 2013 goals include:
  • Gallatin and Allen coal plants on track for retirement.
  • TVA and its distributors on track for meeting the highest levels of achievable energy efficiency savings, 1% or higher annual energy savings.
  • TVA on track for 1000 MW additional onshore wind and/or solar in 2013, with a significant increase in the current TVA caps in its renewable incentive and renewable standard offer programs.
2013 Campaign Actions to Date
People’s Gallatin Public Hearing
Online action alerts.
Meetings with new TVA board members.
MTR organizer working in TN coalfields.
Hiring of organizers in Memphis, Nashville, and Chattanooga.
Meetings with TVA staff on retirement of more coal plants and advancing energy efficiency and renewables.

2012 Accomplishments

        Local climate action teams within six of the top ten TVA distributor service areas: Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville,                     Chattanooga, Volunteer Electric, and Duck River. We have had initial conversation with these distributors and          with TN Valley Public Power Association to urge their support for more energy efficiency.

Recruited, engaged, and recognized more than 120 activists within the Campaign and contacted more than 500 supporters. 
Developed the 1% Energy Efficiency Campaign through strategy summits, monthly Campaign planning calls, educating leadership base,  and building partnerships with allied organizations.
Interacted with TVA decision-makers, and media presence, largely through the partnership with the national Sierra Beyond Coal Campaign team and allies.
Developed the campaign structure of the TN Healthy Energy Campaign through organizing local action teams, growing leadership through training and strategizing, maintaining a Campaign website, producing educational tools, and outreaching to the larger community through tabling events.

A merry crew enjoying Old Hickory Reservoir
November 2012

Contact Us
TN Healthy Energy  Campaign Coordinator (TN Chapter):
Louise Gorenflo

TN Senior Beyond Coal Campaign Representative (National Sierra):
Jonathan Levenshus

Local Climate Action Teams
Across the state of TN, local climate action teams have formed to recruit and support the efforts of the TN Healthy Energy Campaign and to encourage their communities to take advantage of the TVA home energy audits. Learn what is happening in a community near you!
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